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A quick check digital Yahs and Nays


From omnichannel engagement to mobile-first strategy and analytics, the CIM looked at the best practice to provide your organisation with a strong foundation for digital marketing




Follow the customer
There’s no point trying to engage your customer with offers and eye-catching graphics if they’re not active on a channel, so before you commit to a campaign, ensure they’re present on your channel of choice. Track them through time, too, following the customer journey from pre-engagement through to beyond the sale itself. This will provide insight that will you with future targeting, and build customer loyalty.


Make it mobile
It’s over two years since Google defined the age we live in as one in which we seek information, make discoveries and take decisions in the ‘micro-moment’. According to Forbes, 87% of connected devices sales this year will be smartphones and tablets – and your digital presence should reflect this. Responsive web design isn’t just about making content clearly visible on small screens either, it’s about page load times. Only fast-loading pages stop customers from scrolling on by, or leaving your page for good.


Re-engage and re-target
Deliver the right message at the right time to an engaged audience and your advertising isn’t likely to annoy your potential customer. Customers use the internet to browse (a web browser is called just that for a reason) and generally don’t object to being served ads that remind them of products they have expressed an interest in but haven’t yet purchased. Conversions rarely happen on the first visit to a website, and cart abandonment rates remain high across online retail. So don’t be shy in coming forward and reminding consumers of the product they viewed and keeping your offer fresh in their minds.


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