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Marketing in the emergence from the COVID cocoon


How will we address the change in our customers attitudes and buying habits as we gradually emerge out of the COVID cocoon?


In Lockdown a good proportion of the population have managed a radical change in the way they work rest and play. There are some amazingly grounding, appreciative activities and behaviours happening.

COVID has been a great leveller, engaging people in support groups like no other time since the war years. Our pre COVID idealism of growth and prosperity in material terms has had its head turned to a more humanitarian ethos.


We have gained a compassion and empathy for others like never before. Also, an appreciation of the simple things in life for example walking in the local park, saying hello to passers-by that we don’t know, limiting our high street shopping habits that frees up our time to do more. We have also had the opportunity to upskill ourselves as courses and educational programmes have gone online, opening accessibility to a more diverse sector of the population.


So, what does this mean in how we interact with our customers whose attitudes and values may well have changed?


We now live in a caring, sharing environment highlighted by the COVID crisis, a realisation of what is important in life and an inherent appreciation of the people we rely on to keep the country going. The respectful balance has had the effect of realigning the importance of some of the lowest paid workers that are integral to the way we live to C-Suite management teams pre COVID. It is now time to re-evaluate what we bring to our customers businesses in their current situation, who and at what level in a company should we be directing our communications to.


There’s an honesty in the air and a compassion for our fellow humans and the businesses they’re in, some of which are fighting to stay solvent. As marketeers we should proceed with caution and only communicate when we have re-evaluated each customer with a situational analysis and have a vision of their permanent and temporary changes. These affect any dialogue we have with them, considering time is precious when a business is under pressure.  


A useful tool to work through is a Value Proposition Canvas

In summary we’re in a period of fast-paced change in all aspects of life, this dictates that we as marketers continue to assess, test and adjust all our activities in a timely way whilst keeping in mind three points: value, relevance and actionable communications.


If you’d like some support let’s chat through how we can make this work for you.