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Client Connect - for veterinary people


A pet owner focused, experiential workshop on how our senses affect our emotions, memories, perceptions, preferences and choices of products and services.


This workshop delivers:

  • Awareness of the sensory aspects of the customer experience.
  • Understanding of the motivations and behaviours of clients.
  • Greater customer awareness and subsequently better service.
  • How to do things differently for the benefit of the customer and practice.
Client connect workshop

Practice Snapshot - for veterinary practices


A practice programme that delivers:

  • Evidential feedback.
  • Service your clients expect and more.
  • A  client’s perspective view.
  • Areas in which you excel.
  • Changes that make a real difference to the pet owner and practice.

A practical team experience, working with customer service professionals culminating in an open forum workshop.

Practice snapshot

Manage the Marketing Maze: Marketing Masterclasses


A programme of  workshops for people in marketing roles who would benefit from greater understanding and support.


Objectives to give:

  • An understanding of your customers, their needs, behaviours and desires.
  • Confidence in marketing decisions.
  • Strategic & tactical plans and components.
  • Best use of limited budgets.

Outcomes : An understanding and development of bespoke strategic and tactical plans that make best use of budgets and profit the business.