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These articles are written for the veterinary market and have been published in the veterinary press. More recently the focus has been on attaining excellence in customer service through multisensory communication and experiences.


Included are practical guides for Veterinary Practice managers , which appeared in the Veterinary Practice Managers Association (VPMA) magazine 'Veterinary Management for Today' .


Some articles make use of fictitious characters to illustrate the diversity of human nature and the complexities of dealing with it. They are, however, based on real people, both veterinary practice staff and pet owners, and upon genuine scenarios I've encountered in 30 years of experience in the field. All articles and characters are the copyright of N G Marketing Ltd and can be used only upon request.

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Basic instinct in client communication

Basic Instinct in Client Communication

The importance of communicating to clients on multisensory levels to gain best compliance and outcomes.



Sweet smell of success

The Sweet Smell of Success     … or Not!

Isn’t it time we came to our senses…this article reminds us what our senses and instincts are telling us and how we can overlook what's staring us in the face with regard to improving our clients practice experience.



Meet greet and eat your way to marketing the practice

Meet, greet and eat your way to marketing the practice is about the importance of networking, promoting and building relationships with your local community and businesses, along with tips and experience-based advice.



The fat the fit and the fanciful

The fat, the fit and the fanciful looks into making the most of small marketing budgets by using current social and advertising issues to promote related veterinary services and products. Given that most people treat their pets as they do their families, using current mass media topics to promote related pet health issues often helps to trigger a more informed response from owners.



Creation then conception

In the beginning... Creation then conception discusses the value of a corporate brand and how developing that brand within the practice may result in practical and cultural benefits for staff and clients.



A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words identifies the importance of displays and merchandising and the impact of good promotional practice on pet owners. It explores the most effective means of persuading clients to take your advice and buy from you rather than searching for information and veterinary solutions from another source.




Getting personal to kiss your practice better

Getting Personal to KISS your practice better notes the common pitfalls in communicating with a varied clientele and offers practical solutions for effective promotions.