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Docsinnovent is an innovative company in the veterinary anaesthesia market. They produced the first ever veterinary-specific supraglottic airway product for anaesthesia and resuscitation which was supported by dynamic educational materials for veterinary practices worldwide.


The task was to develop an entrance strategy for this product in the UK and subsequently for other established veterinary anaesthesia markets. It was necessary to show the ease and safety of use of this new device to gain trust in a sensitive area. This required the engagement of key opinion leaders and universities to drive change and reassure the general veterinary practitioner.


Once the plan had been developed, it was fully discussed with the directors in regard to tactical implementation, budgetary requirements and human resources so that sales could be progressed  to the expected target level.


We set about gaining audiences at key veterinary shows and among stakeholders in veterinary anaesthesia and major industry bodies. All these activities were developed, managed and actualised with the Docsinnovent team and NGM.


Talking though each stage with our client to ensure we were all thinking along the same lines, we recommended a plan for the next two years that was achievable within their budgetary and manpower resources. Areas and clients were identified for business expansion, together with ideas for co-promotion and PR with key veterinary associations. To date, our advice has been shown to be effective as the recommendations have proved fruitful in terms of sales and markets entered.


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