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Direct Medical Supplies is a small to medium sized company competing in a large market against some well-established corporate players. Our challenge was to create "a big bang for their buck."


BSAVA, the largest veterinary conference in Europe, with delegate levels of over 7000 was only three months away: this was our deadline. Our main challenge was to display over 2000 product lines and to develop a marketing tool that could be used as an ongoing product support item. There was the additional requirement of being sufficiently flexible to be effective in targeting different market sectors, veterinary and human pharmaceuticals and accommodating price changes.


We narrowed the key product areas down to four and concentrated on creating a "top end" premium look which would reflect the quality of the brands supplied by DMS.


Once a core image had been decided upon, it was integrated into a corporate style for a catalogue file with four sections and a generic sheet, (text could be adapted and printed in-house), exhibition panels, A4 news flyers, business cards and stationery. We are pleased to say that we achieved our client's aim of creating a professional look and accommodating the need for flexibility and longevity in marketing materials.

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